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The project

The project ”Building Capacity of Non-governmental Organizations, Youths and Citizens for Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Strengthening  the Monitoring  Skills and Advocacy of Policies for Regional Sustainable Development”  bearing the shorter name “GIS – Green citizens, Information systems, Saved nature” is funded by the NGO Program in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.   http://www.ngogrants.bg/

The duration of the project is one year, starting at 12.02.2014 and finishing on 12.02.2015
The project is being implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in partnership with Norwegian Environmental Agency (Miljødirektoratet), in this way providing continuation of the cooperation between BBF and the Department for Nature Management (now part ofMiljødirektoratet).

The project budget is 49 438 euros, 44 348 euro of which are provided by the the NGO Program in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and 5090 euros are own contribution of the project partners.

The project target groups are youths (students in the fields of nature studies, but not limited only to this), NGOs working in the field of nature conservation, as well as all active, environmentallyaware citizens – the  potential future users of the publically accessible results of the project.

The goal of the project is to increase the monitoring and advocacy skills of NGOs, youths and citizens in the field of sustainable spatial development through supporting the process of establishment of a link among the basic GIS operational skills and advocacy and monitoring of sustainable development policies.

The project implementation will secure public access to spatial data and increase of the capacity for monitoring and advocacy in the field of nature protection with the use of freely accessible modern technologies through:
  • Inventory and processing of the BBF spatial data and creation of unified and well-structured spatial data base;
  • Development of web based platform for public access to the BBF spatial data base;
  • Conduction of Training for youths for monitoring and advocacy through utilization of spatial data (consists of two parts);
  • Conduction of Training for NGO representatives for work with spatial data and its utilization in monitoring of the territorial development;
  • Conduction of Training for development and work with web-based GIS platform;
  • Integration of the Norwegian experience and expertise in the field of utilization of GIS for civic advocacy and monitoring of policies for sustainable, nature friendly development.
The participation of the Norwegian Environmental Agency will secure the transfer of expertise in the concept for provision of public access to spatial data through the web-based services and in the conduction of the training and will also help for the reduction of the inequality in use of GIS data for monitoring and advocacy of sustainable development policies between Bulgaria and Norway. 


Lybomir Filopov (GIS expert, trainings and development of GIS server and web-based platforms)
Lyubomir  has a master degree in GIS and cartography and is a current PhD candidate. He has over 12 years of GIS experience in projects related to application of GIS in spatial planning, environmental and water management


Petar Todorov (Зroject coordinator)

Peter has a master degree in Еnvironmental sciences from Wageningех University, the Netherlands. He is part of the BBF team since 2008 and has experience as a project coordinator and project techical assistant - coordination, development, implementation and financial reporting of different projectes, implemented by BBF.

Bjorn Arne Naess (expert in nature protection and society - Norway)

Mr. Naess is a Senior advicer in the Norwegian Environment Agency. He has a longstanding experience in management and implementation of various natural sience related projects as well as of implementation of international projects. He has already been involved in a joint project implementation with BBF. 

Jordanka Dineva (Expert monitoring and advocacy)

Jordanka has a master degree in Ecology with a profile of Enviromentla protection from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". She has a longstanding experience as a project coordiantor and work in the filed of advocacy and civil monitoring as well as a coordinator of adovacy and inofmration campaigns for the Coalition "For the Nature". Since 2006 she is a Coalition and advocacy coordinator of BBF. Jordanka has taken part as a trainer in numerous trainings for civic advocay and active involvmenet and pariticpation of the public in the decission making processes. 

Tanya Georgieva-Schnell (expert GIS-nature protection, identification of data and data inventory)

Tanya is a Dipl. Landscape Ecologist from the University of Munster, Germany with a profile of Geographic Inofmration Systems. She has more than 7 years of experience in the field of nature protection in Bulgaria  - six of which include work in various GIS projects  of different NGOs as well as conduction of GIS trainings. During the last three years she has been working with vairous GIS related projects in BBF.