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WMS services of the Bulgarian Biodivesity Foundation

Dear users,
With the help of the following link:  you can connect your desktop GIS application  with the WMS-services of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundeation. You are goung to find layers, which are a result of our work throughout the years, a result of project specific  objectives, related with researches on the biodiversity and the sustainable development of a certain region

The layer source can be grouped as follows:

- Field research data: data collected by BBF experts through the utilization of GPS
- Analysis and models: devloped by BBF experts and based on use of field data and other data
-Data from other sources: existing vector data or vecotrized raster images. The use of the aforementioned as well as the provision of access is in compliance with the regulation requirements .Relevant metadata was developed for all the data. The metadata provides more detials for the accessible information.

At present (January 2015) all layers used for the available through the web-portal maps can be used as WMS services. The table  lists all data, for which additional WMS services can be provided. In case  there is an interest in particular layer, please send your enquiry to: peter.todorov@biodiversity.bg

GIS web services from BBF