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Interactive tourist maps of Belasitsa Nature park
The map represents the main tourist attractions in the region of Belasitza Nature park as well as the tourist routes, which were developed and marked thanks to the effors of the colleagues from the BBF Belasitza branch and especillay thanks to the efforts of Latinka Topalova. tHe described activities are part of the implementaion of BBF project namedConservation of globally significant biodiversity of Belasitsa Mountain by involving the local communities in the development of eco-tourism", funded by Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme and the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility.

The biodiversity of Osogovo

This map represents a summary of a part of the most important results from the biodiversity studies conducted in Osogovo Mountains by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in the framework of the project Balkan Green Belt in Osogovo. The project was financed by the Frankfurter Zoological Society and ProNatura, Switzerland in the time period 2007-2011. The data about vulnerable species are represented in a grid form. Usually the species is identified only once in the grid cell. You can see the name of the species by using the Identify button and clicking on the cell.